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GeoWave is a software library that connects the scalability of distributed computing frameworks and key/value stores with modern geospatial software to store, retrieve and analyze massive geospatial datasets.

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Why GeoWave?

GeoWave is an open-source library to store, index, and search multi-dimensional data in sorted key/value stores. It includes implementations that support OGC spatial types (up to 3 dimensions), and both bounded and unbounded temporal values. GeoWave’s geospatial support is built on top of the GeoTools project extensibility model. This means that it can integrate natively with any GeoTools-compatible project, such as GeoServer and UDig, and can ingest GeoTools compatible data sources.

GeoWave in Action

Take a look and see how GeoWave can be used on real data sets. You can also check out the GeoWave Overview for more information about these and other examples.

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